Great People

April 6, 2008 at 7:23 pm (church)

I just got done watching the service from Buckhead Church live on Carlos’ blog. What a great little picture into that whole world. Thanks Josh for opening the window just a little bit.

Jeff Henderson, the campus pastor, was preaching. Buckhead Church has been open for seven years now and he was recapping a bit about the history and more importantly asking people to jump in and get involved. To help illustrate what involved could look like, he began to tell stories of people that serve.

As the stories rolled by, I couldn’t help but think of those who serve here in Jacksonville. There’s Tim who drives in our truck from Georgia. Yes, Georgia. He leaves his house at 2:45am when we do church. Then there’s Troy. Troy shows up at 4:30am (usually earlier) and jumps right to work. He’s around all morning long making sure that environments are getting set, the sidewalk is clean, the lobby is clear of other signs and really helping transform UNF into Access Church for a short time.

As the day rolls on, many more people show up. Our production team rolls in at 5:00am. We’re ready to go in less than 2 hours. They are an amazing group of people that every time we do church have to set EVERYTHING up. Lights, rolled in off a trailer. Sound, off a trailer. Video, off a trailer. Set design, built 90% of the time that morning.

The nursery (Waumba Land) and elementary (UpStreet) environments get setup as the morning continues. Then their volunteers show up. Kim and Katie are single women here in Jax and they help teach elementary aged kids. No immediate pay off for them. They’ve done it for a year. Couples are serving in both of these environments to help kids understand that God loves them. Josh is a young single guy who helps run the slides in UpStreet every week. This week, Josh even fixed our production table so it doesn’t fall apart.

I could go on and on and on. It’s amazing to watch God work through so many people. It’s these people that made the decision for me to move one year ago so so easy. They’ve got the vision. They understand that Sunday mornings are not about them. They’re about God.

Jeff’s message hit home with me tonight. It was great. It was even better knowing that here in Jacksonville, our people have the same mission.

Thanks Access Church. It’s so fun for me to get up on Sundays and prepare for Sundays during the week knowing that I get to serve alongside all of you.


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