Memento vs. Vantage Point

March 5, 2008 at 9:03 pm (media related)

Just got home from seeing Vantage Point. The movie was good. After the first “rewind,” it immediately spoke of Memento to me. However, the writers went just a bit overboard.

See, Memento goes back and forth. I still hold that it is one of the most creatively written and told stories of my time. The thought process of back and forth throughout the movie is absolutely brilliant. Yes it’s violent, yes the language is terrible. Move on to the cinematic portions – unmatched.

Vantage Point had a great thought to start, but I think the writers ran out of energy toward the middle. Good start, good finish. Tying the two together seemed to be the issue. I felt that they could have cut out a few of the rewinds, but then the movie would be less than 90 minutes (its current runtime).

Oh well. Definitely still worth the $6 midweek rate.


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