Atlanta Weekend 2 of 3

October 29, 2007 at 1:54 pm (life happenings)

Well, another off weekend, another trip to North Point.

This weekend was great as I got to show off NPCC to a good friend who’s visiting from Ohio before he starts into a new ministry there. The trip was quick, but good.

We drove up on Saturday afternoon so that we’d be there in time to find somewhere to watch the Bucks game. And did we ever! There’s a place near the outer perimeter in Atlanta called “American Pie.” Check out the Flickr photos to see some pics I got from my phone. It was great. They had a DJ and everything who played Buckeyes music during game commercials.

On Sunday we did the whirlwind tour of NPCC seeing North Point’s main environments in the AM and then even made it down to Buckhead Church in the evening to see a quick bit of rehearsal for the adult environment and then a small portion of InsideOut (high school ministries).

It was a fantastic day of just seeing how God is working in Atlanta.


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