Changes come fast

March 28, 2007 at 10:45 pm (life happenings)

It’s difficult to believe that only two weeks ago my life was completely changed. The past two weeks have both flown by and seem like forever ago. I have accepted a new job, quit my old job, packed my life into an oversized (by 12 feet) Uhaul, and said goodbye to many who never saw it coming. Why? What would cause me to do all this?

For the last few months I have struggled with my place in life. I have felt God calling me to make a change. I felt Him truly calling out to me and saying, “Are you ready?” Slowly, He has prepared me for this next challenge. Over the last nine months (and even longer), He has prepped me for what happens tomorrow. I have let go. I have let Him lead and I pray that I can continue down this path.

This past fall I read Louie Giglio’s “i am not, but i know I AM” This book (and a message I heard him give this summer) changed my life. He discusses the idea that so often we try to find a role for God to play in our life. However, we should be begging God to have even the tiniest role in His story. Our story will end, His goes on. I feel like I am getting to step on set and have just the tiniest role, but am so grateful.

In a few hours, I load up and head out. Thanks to all those here in Akron that have influenced me. There are too many to name here, and some of you may not even know that you’ve had an impact. Thank you anyway. God has used countless people in my time here and now I take what you have given me and head to Jacksonville to share with people there. Thanks again.


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