Why can’t we get it?!?!

March 20, 2007 at 7:10 pm (life happenings)

I saw this story online today and the beginning made me so angry. I can’t wrap my head around why Christians can’t seem to understand that the arts in general are not totally  evil. Here’s a guy who has a great platform to affect those directly around him in an environment that could use it, and Christians are disowning him because he won’t sing only Christian songs. Where does this come from?

I would understand some argument if he was singing songs that were somewhat questionable, but his songs are either classics or no where in the realm of objectionable.

I’m glad that those who actually know Chris are standing up and saying that he lives out what he says. Hopefully, it’s their voices that will ring out over those who are just judging him based on their own prejudice.

Ok, done ranting… at least for now. Just had to state that, it was driving me crazy today.


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  1. Brian said,

    This is my favorite quote from the Bob Jones guy: “We really are somewhat disappointed…” really….? somewhat…?

    What does THAT mean? is it the same as “somewhat really disappointed?”

    I didn’t know this guy was a Christian. I think it’s great that he’s made it as far as he has. We’ve all heard it before: We don’t need more Christian artists, we need more artists who are Christians!

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