Part of God’s Story

March 4, 2007 at 11:44 pm (God Reflections, life happenings)

Few times in life have I been as overwhelmed by God’s goodness as has been the case this week. I have watched God move a group of people for just a few months. They started praying a couple years ago for a church to be planted in Jacksonville. Today, after countless prayers, God honored that request with a giant and resounding “Yes!”

With tears in my eyes, I watch over two hundred adults and many many more children enter the Fine Arts Center on the campus of the University of North Florida. It was awesome! These people were coming to church. Most were excited. All were curious. Some were nervous. However, at the end of what started as a frustrating day, all of us left with a sigh of contentment in God.

As I watched people walk in, I reflected on Louie Giglio’s book, I am not, but I know I AM. I absolutely loved this book. Please read it if you haven’t – it’s really easy and short. Louie talks about how we should not make God a part of our life’s movie, but rather beg to be in even a scene for two seconds of His. Today, I thanked God over and over for the opportunity to be in His story.

Please continue to pray for the people of Jacksonville as well as the staff and core team of Access Church. They did an amazing job of showing people that their church is different from most. Pray that the next time and the time after that and after that just get better and people get to know God through them.


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